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What will we study together during this course?

Kabbalah means, “to receive”. What shapes our lives is our capacity to receive blessings from a loving and creative Universe. This course will teach you how to, step-by-step, grow into a level of spirituality that will help you realize your potential in life. This course explains what Kabbalah is, how to use it, and the practical applications of this method as taught by Rabbi Isaac Luria and other spiritual teachers. We will explore how to protect ourselves from negativity, and consciously create positive outcomes. 

What teachings are these methods based on?

Kabbalah is not one single source. It is a change in perception, an understanding that there are levels of existence, communicated in various ways, from the Ten Sephirot to the Four Worlds. The study of Kabbalah is rooted in a desire to understand and interpret the world’s most popular book: the Bible. 


The most famous explanations of the Bible that changed the world were, first, the Book of Formation, followed by the Zohar, then the interpretation given to us by the Ari who is Rabbi Isaac Luria with his loyal student Rabbi Chaim Vital, and then the Baal Shem Tov, who brought this wisdom to the farmers. The most famous Kabbalist of our age, Rabbi Yehuda Halevi Ashlag communicated the wisdom of Rabbi Isaac Luria, from 500 years ago, into a way that is simpler for us to understand in our modern times.

How can the study of Kabbalah help us?

When we start discovering the purpose of our lives, we see that, according to Kabbalah, every one of us comes here for a reason. We can choose a rewarding job and make good money if we are spiritually open-minded and we connect with the reasons why we came to the world. These reasons must be studied in-depth by utilizing the methods that are written in the Zohar Yitro, and it contains hints and secrets that explain why a person comes to this world. Some of us are here to correct a past lifetime, and that is where the study of Reincarnation comes into focus. Some of us come to make a difference in the lives of others, while some have chosen to be here to improve our own personal lives. Kabbalah can help individuals find out what exactly they came here for and what they need to do. Through that, each one of us can plan our lives better and make sure we don’t waste our time.

What is the connection between Kabbalah and creativity?

If we delve deeper into the word, “creativity”, from a Kabbalistic point of view, we can see that the mind is capable of connecting to the river of thought that was created at the beginning of time, a river that flows constantly to the end of time. Once our minds can reach this source, which is expressed as the river of thought, then we can draw out an idea from the endless streams of creative ideas. 


Everything around us has its own vibrations and energy. When our bodies and souls vibrate at the right frequency, we start drawing many wonderful ideas into our existence. When we have negative vibrations and thoughts, we will draw the wrong things from the river of thoughts and ideas. Our bodies have their own natural EMF, electro-magnetic fields, and what Kabbalah does is add a “filter” to our internal EMF and thereby draw in only the most positive, and the greatest, ideas. Kabbalah, as the Zohar explains, in the first section of Genesis, allows a person to connect to a flawless universe in which there are endless ideas. Once we take hold of those ideas and turn them into physical items: pictures, stories, jewelery, innovations and even business plans and structures, we have been transformed into creative people.  


Kabbalah can definitely make us more creative. It is up to us to change ourselves first and draw reflections of our own souls into your physical experiences. That’s why we work on the soul first, and then translate what we’ve learned into deeds. I hope that your daily lives will be full of positive creative energy and that you can materialize more beauty, success and achievement in your own lives.


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